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Types of communications satellite

Types of communications satellite

Satellites have become an basic piece of today’s technology. They are used for various purposes, from offering long distance telephone connections, the direct broadcasting of television and radio broadcasts, and obtaining geological information about the weather or other facilities.


To get to the technology we have today, we needed a tremendous amount of research and investment in satellite communications when the idea was first proposed by Arthur C. Clarke in a 1945 article in the journal Wireless World. Since then electronic circuits have been developed which enable all functions of satellites and vehicles able to put these satellites orbit in space, sometimes weighing more than a ton. These two elements have required huge investments.


At the time of Clarke’s article, most advanced V2 rockets were made by the Germans, who had no intention at all to launch satellites in outer space. For satellites themselves had developed their own methods of power with control systems enabling them very precise positioning. Satellites must be very reliable because it can not be repaired once they launch. Nowadays these problems are already under control, and satellites are able to offer a long and reliable service.

Communications satellite

Every day thousands of international calls are made. They are made usually by satellite. For use in communications of this kind, the satellite operates as a repeater. Its height from the Earth causes the transmission of signals to be able to make much greater distances than line-of-sight. A ground station transmits the signal, consisting of several phone calls to satellite.

This is called the uplink (uplink) and is generally a frequency of 6GHz. The satellite receives the signal and sends it back. This is generally done on a frequency of 4 GHz, on what is called downlink (downlink). It must be on a different frequency to avoid interference between the two signals. If transmission occurs with the same frequency of the received signal, the signal transmitted from the satellite receiver overloads, preventing uplink.

Navigation satellite

One of the latest developments in the applications of satellites is cell phone tracker System. Although originally conceived as a military system, it has become increasingly used in commercial applications. One of the advantages is that the system has full coverage of the entire planet with an accuracy of 100 m section and 40 m civilian access to military section. The system consists of 24 satellites placed in a low earth orbit. They transmit the low frequency microwave and receivers captures transmissions. A minimum of four satellites are received simultaneously to give a correct position and, from the information received, the receiver is able to calculate longitude, latitude and altitude. Each satellite is maintained in a very precise orbit. On board satellite has an atomic clock accurate to have a good time. This time information is transmitted from each satellite signal. Thus, it is possibly the receiver to calculate each length of road from various satellites to the receiver. The time required to get signal from the satellite to the receiver is proportional to the length of road, which can be calculated Since propagation velocity is known. This information is used in calculations by the processor of the handset to give its position on Earth.

Scientific satellites

Satellites orbiting Earth may provide data on Earth map, its size and shape and can study the dynamics of the oceans and the atmosphere. Scientists also use satellites to explore the Sun, Moon, planets, comets, stars and galaxies. The Hubble Space Telescope is an observatory launched in 1990. Some general science satellites orbiting celestial bodies other than Earth. One of the most familiar applications is forecast meteorological satellites that can throw an “eagle’s” on formations forecast from great heights above the Earth. It provides an overview meteorologists much better about development and forecast the movement formations. Satellites may also, use for geological exploration. They can analyze most of the landmass, providing information about the status of crops, woods etc. Often they can detect the appearance or the spread of plant diseases, in a manner which would not otherwise be possible. If they can detect geological exploration of mineral reserves in formations seen from outer space.

Military satellites

Military needs are at the origin of creation first observation satellites since 1959 the Cold War between the US and USSR, called “spy satellites”. They allow observation of military enemies in hard to reach areas.

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Pokemon sun rom decoded: new information about the most popular game

Pokemon Go has been decoded, and a number of very interesting information surfaced.

Having established a number of records, reaching the same time, one of the most popular mobile game of all time, Pokemon Go has now been decoded. Specifically, a group of people walked into your application code to reveal the figures underlying game mechanics, to help users to do better.



What you see below could be considered, in some respects, spoiler, so if you want to discover this information along the way, we suggest you read no further.

All information has already been published on the website PokemonFortress, and here we have included some of those that we thought they were the most important.


Pokemon Duel is the latest mobile game with beloved characters

First, the maximum that each user can achieve is 40. But, given the experience needed to get there, you should not worry much hope. Thus, you will need 5 million experience points to go from level 39 to level 40, while the entire journey from the 1-40 requires the accumulation of 20 million experience points.

The maximum level of egg is 20, which means that if you get an egg at 40, or 38, or 21, your Pokemon will be the same as those received at 20. Also, the maximum is wild Pokémon 30, which means that when they reach level 30 Pokemon users will find the same maximum horsepower.

In addition, each has a unique pokemon capture rate and the rate of escape. Mewtwo, Moltres, and Articuno snowdrift are Pokemon “legendary”, while Mew is “mythical”. It is out and that there is a Master Ball in play. And if we consider that legendary pokemon not capture rate, this could mean that they require a Master Ball. Of course, for now, this remains only at the level of speculation.

Pokémon GO is the newest trend in mobile games and was released by Nintendo on July 6 on iOS and Android.

It sparked a real craze among young people worldwide, the number of downloads from the US, Australia and New Zealand exceeding all expectations.

Pokemon GO is already more than Tinder downloaded and America has almost as many daily users as Twitter.

Americans spend about 43 minutes a day playing the Pokemon GB, while the second most used app is WhatsApp, 30 minutes. Instagram is used for 25 minutes, and Snapchat, almost 23 minutes.

The game gets more interesting as places are discovered pokemon are the strangest, baths, hospitals or cemeteries.

The mechanism of the game is quite simple. After downloading the game on mobile pokemon “appear” around but can only be seen if you use the camera smartphone. Pokémon GO uses smartphone GPS and clock to determine the exact location where the player is and make pokemon to appear, which can be seen only on the screen.

Also through the screen can be captured and characters that then can be used in specially designed arenas.

According to the magazine Campaign, Nintendo and Niantic, creators of Pokémon GO, confirmed that the next game will include locations Sponsored thus brands and retailers to benefit from the popularity of this app.

The app is free for users, but its popularity, which is booming, raised questions about how the creators that monetize the game plan.

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How to Train Your Virtual Madden Mobile Football Team

Playing virtual football games require certain skills and knowledge of the game. Once you are a crazy fan of football games, you can enjoy the virtual football games intently. Playing online football games also require several skills, and if you have the skill to managing an entire football team, you can get the maximum fun of the game. Choosing the team is very important, initially. The next step is to train your players. First, we need to check out how to build your team while you are heading to play virtual Madden Mobile football games.

Ultimate Features of Madden Mobile Football Teams
To know the best features as well as certain tips to build the strongest madden Mobile football team, you should check out the following issues
1. Collect the Best Players
Obviously, this will be the initial stage. You are into the game for winning; therefore you should have a lineup where you not only have skilled and star players, but also have upcoming and promising players who can change the game at any moment.

You should collect players from the past as well as present to build a strong lineup. Plan tactfully and then make strategies to execute that.

2. You Should Always Stay Informed
Knowing the lineup of your team is not enough. If you want to hit big win at Madden Mobile Hack Football games, you should know about the other contenders and their strength and weaknesses. You should always look for weak points of the opponents to beat them there. Therefore, you should not avoid any singular message of the day about the happenings if you want vzcxvadfaeto win big.

3. Go for Regular Upgrades
This is another important aspect you need to know while heading towards playing Madden Mobile football games. Regular upgradation of your position in the game is very important to plan your next move. You can upgrade your lineup by following these matters:
• Performing solo challenges
• Winning auctions
• Completing collections
Staying updated will also help you to get additional bonuses and other offers, and you can also know more about the strategies of your opponents.
4. You Must Dominate
Yes, that is what you need to do. Train your team in such a way so that they can get ready to face any strong rivals on the field and you can dominate any of your opponents. Once you start dominating the opponents and win hard challenges, you can make a top place on the Madden leaderboard and set your exclusive records which are hard to beat.

5. Head for New Moves
The tricks and strategies are updating and changing every day. You should stay updated about all these changes. To acquire more success in the games, you can come up with exciting strategies and moves and beat your opponent in large difference. Winning Madden Mobile  football games will make your playing full of fun and excitement.
These are certain tips you get to train your team while playing Madden Mobile games. Enjoy and have fun!


Snapchat App

Snapchat and took about serious momentum last year. I mean to others, not to us. I installed about two weeks ago in an attempt to form my mind about him. I admit that it took me some time to clarify what I can do. Especially the thought is still a social network and where much of the shared life interesting.

Snapchat is becoming more popular by users of social networks. The application allows users to share videos, photos and messages deleted in 10 seconds from the time posted. Snapchat requires creativity and swift action, especially because not you upload content from the platform.  We will propose some tips to create snap sites as interesting and funny.


  1. Enable the coolest features in the application settings.

To do this, you must download and install the app on your phone, which is available for iOS and Android platforms.

  1. Add Filter / interesting visual effects

The filters have demonstrated utility in edit photos on social networks, so they are not lacking on Snapchat. You can use filters to determine the geographical position, to show time, temperature, speed, or simply to change colors.

  1. Add text

You can increase the text on the screen by pressing the T button in the upper right corner of your future snap. Thus, the characters you type in can be moved anywhere on the image or placed in unusual positions.

  1. Draw and add color

Draw function has many colors in stock, but black and white are not easily accessible. But the latest application updates have brought these options and now you can apply as the other filters.

  1. Add music

Snapchat is the only platform that allows this. He sync music from your phone. Simply play a song and start recording a video in the platform; the song will be added to any video you will.

  1. Live video chat

At times when you feel like talking directly with your friends, Snapchat has such an option for you. As to connect directly with your friends, all you have to do is click and hold the yellow button. It works as a live video chat.

  1. Add a ghost

The most amusing and popular option Snapchat hack is that you can add friends to your list, putting your phone’s camera over his or Snapchat’s the icon with the image, pressing the Ghost. This function works as a QR code and is a kind of radar to find your friends.

  1. See who you snap visited sites

Want to see who has accessed your history snap sites? For this, and to see if someone made a screenshot of your web snap, or is your total score on Snapchat, they are special icons that will help.

  1. Inspire the best

Here is a list of users that certainly must follow them, you will receive updates from them daily and a dose of inspiration to snap your sites.

Animations for Snapchat is activated only if you hold your phone vertically and is well seen before. Kind of like in a picture ID, so to speak. You must hold down the screen until you animations appear at the bottom of the screen, and you click on that you want. Depending on the animation, you have to do certain things to function, such as to open your mouth, you frown.

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All about Pokemon Go. Let’s catch them all

I’m a big fan Pokemon, about two months I began to look again at the drawings, I bought Pokemon plush, coloring books and I’m playing again almost nonstop Pokemon GO. This article will show you how to install the GO Pokemon, how to play a few tips & tricks, details about Pokemon world and how to catch it on Pikachu. I’m sure you’ve looked at drawings, you can not really miss them.


But in case you were born after 2000, here you can see all episodes of Pokemon. There are many episodes divided into seasons, I’ve only seen the first three seasons, then they changed a lot, brought hundreds of new Pokemon was broken charm. Let’s make you a brief recap of the Pokemon phenomenon, to understand that this madness has now begun. Pokémon is a media franchise controlled by Nintendo and created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996. The name is an abbreviation of the words Pokémon Pocket Monsters, which in translation means pocket monsters. It was originally created RPG game Pokemon (which became the most popular franchise Nintendo), then cartoons (it has 817 episodes), movies (17 movies, one for each season), card games (Pokémon Trading Card Game is a complex game of books based on videogames) and many, many products marketing.

Now those from Nintendo, with Niantic (the company that created and owned by Google and game Ingress, jocce very much like Pokemon GB), have hit the big mobile game – Pokemon GO. There are 18 different types of Pokemon. Each of these types has advantages and disadvantages to another.

How to install Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO was announced on 1 April and everyone thought it was a joke, but remember that GO Pokemon has become reality and is already the most played game on Google Play, although still not available in all countries. GO is very much like Pokemon game Ingress, Niantic game also created by what he’s seen by many fans, but by invitation system and the story itself was not a popularity so great. Pokemon GO Romania has not yet appeared, but you can play smoothly on the map for Romania. It seems that in two to three weeks to reach a formal and us. But that does not mean that you can install it now, it’s just a bit more difficult. I will explain step by step how you can install on Android or iOS. Because there is no official apk for us, we have to download an apk offered by other sites. Here comes a big problem … We can not be assured that the apk does not have viruses, does not copy data from your phone or it working properly. It’s a pretty big risk for your smartphone. I found an Android apk neither of which gave me problems and I see the last of antiviral checking on the phone, I recommend him to you.


How to Play Pokemon GO?  

The idea of the game remained the same as in a game from Nintendo and that the drawings: You must catch them all! First you need to create your account. I recommend you do your account Pokemon Trainer. It is true that it takes longer, but you can be sure that the apk not connect to your Google account. I had no patience so that I connected with a Google account. I then examined whether total app has permissions on my account and saw that Google has no official version has full access to Google if they would send emails instead could you or would you quickly find all your passwords. But being a product very similar to Google, I hope not happen again. Then you choose a unique name and create your own avatar. Initially you a small tutorial, but you can not explain too good game. I’ll try to explain myself a little better. You have to capture as many Pokémon, preferably all. The Pokémon you find them if you physically move the map, not just move in. You have to walk around with open application through different areas of the city, but you can find them at your house. To catch them you must throw a pokeball at them, you can try several times.

Here is a good side and a bad one, The good news is that you move, walk, explore new places. The bad part is that you must stay with your nose in your phone, you see where you’re going and such accidents occur. Another problem I faced is that I can go to places not very “friendly” and you can stay with your sight in addition to dubious people. When a Pokemon on the map quite close to you, you should immediately click on it (disappears in about a minute unless you click or you get away from it) and then throw a pokeball at him. Pokemon go pokecoins hack website, depending on the color of the circle around him, it will be easier or harder to catch. Some get caught in the first attack others when you throw the pokeball and some pokeball then exit. I recommend you stay where you try to capture a pokemon and make sure it stays in pokeball. A pokemon came out and caught me 7 times in pokeball. You can always see what Pokemon you, what features they have and what other Pokemon can catch.

You have to hatch the eggs of Pokemon, and for that you have to walk 2 or 5km and should put them in an incubator. You will have an incubator at the beginning, you will get one at level 6, but you can always buy more. At 2km of Pokemon eggs weakest and which are everywhere at 5km eggs can have any type of Pokemon. As the eggs hatch, you must walk, not in the car. I noticed that if you ride a multiple of 20-30km / h, the distance will not be saved with Eggs.

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Micro Machines that deliver medication directly into the body of mice

The researchers were able for the first time to deliver drugs directly into the desired tissue using “micro-cars” that they have placed in the body of laboratory mice.

The devices have shipped a load of microscopic nanoparticles directly into the tissue that lines the stomach of a mouse and presenting the first scientific study conducted by researchers at the University of California, was published in the journal ACS Nano.

A medical uses of “micro-cars” include delivery of medicines in well-established areas of the body, but, until now, have only been tested in the laboratory on cells grown outside the body.

Devices microscopic polymer tubes made of zinc-coated, have a length of only 20 micrometers or 0.02 millimeters, or about the thickness of a human hair.

Upon contact with stomach acid, zinc reacts and produces hydrogen bubbles, which propels the device in the tissue lining the stomach and is attached to it. Micro-devices and deliver cargo is then dissolved in stomach tissue.

The researchers said that the method can provide a more effective drug delivery in the stomach, to treat peptic ulcer and other diseases.

The paper of the study, scientists say further research is needed “to assess in more detail the efficiency and functionality of the various micro-devices created by man inside living organisms. This study is the first step.”


In a speech at an event organized by the American Physical Society, Feynman explained: “Although a very exotic idea would be very interesting in surgery if the patient could swallow the surgeon.

Introduce mechanical surgeon inside the blood vessel and heart and investigates it reaches the territory. Discover which valve is the problem and then take a small knife and cut “.

The basic idea was taken up in science fiction and cult film of 1966 “Journey fantasy / Fantastic Voyage”, although in the film, a team of miniaturized traveled inside the body aboard a small ship and not a number small autonomous devices.

In paper of the study, scientists say that other research is needed “to assess in detail the efficiency and functionality of the various micro-devices created by man inside living organisms. This study represents the first step. ”

The idea of molecular-scale surgery was exposed for the first time by the famous physicist Richard Feynman, in a 1959 lecture.


Celebrities Read Mean

Hollywood is the largest meeting place worldwide celebrity. In this place being built the biggest movies of the world. Celebrities of the hardest roles they play and are trying to get into character. Many of these come together to create different ideas for these films that will appear on the small screen.

Celebrities of the program we have is very diversified. In the first part of the day by dressing celebrities of the role of the character they represent. Each celebrity goes into the makeup room prepares to play the role. In the second part of the day must devote this time the celebrities of their fans.


When we say that time is referred to as Celebrities for fans Phone Number it is a way to communicate directly with fans. Each celebrity is offering phone number for fans. The questions are about the privacy of every celebrity and this respond in real time. Celebrities phone number is the latest way to communicate with fans.

When you think Hollywood come to mind words like celebrity, celebrities, film or television, because Hollywood is known as the land of celebrities. Hollywood district of Los Angeles, attracts millions of visitors who come hoping-aces meet favorite stars. The fact is that Hollywood is one of the emblems of the United States.

Hollywood neighborhood name has got the name because real estate developer Horbart Johnstone Whitley, who is known as the Father of Hollywood. He called the city of Hollywood during its honey 1886.

Original Hollywood sign was built in 1923 and was originally put the word “Hollywoodland”. The initial sign was not intended to promote the region but it function as a huge billboard to attract buyers of land. In 1949 it dropped the word land, leaving only the word Hollywood.

Hollywood celebrity most common Sabrina Carpenter Phone Number is a young beautiful that offers very long time fans may be found on Sabrina Carpenter Phone Number. Celebrities such age is 17 and already has a very old career in the world of movies since the early ages. Sabrina Carpenter is a good singer so until this age already has two albums that are among radio listening.

The latest figure was the victim of rape who was interviewed by Detective Elliot Stabler. Other roles came after this film was very well because this character. Hollywood world is a competitive, but rewarding. Besides heavyweights Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie or George Clooney, we see a lot of young players who achieved success after success and although there have been 30 years already have a beautiful career. Margot Robbie has only 25 years and has appeared in productions of success.

It is not easy being a star and always in the limelight and devoted mother and sexy, yet some famous women manage to reconcile all these issues. Here are some of the best dressed celebrities and beautiful mums, Kourtney Kardashian is one of three sisters is known everywhere mother, always fashionable.


Opera Max Browser

Opera Max Browser

Hello dear friends! Our subject today is Opera Max browser. As you know Opera is one search engine that saves mobile internet connection. The application provides text and image compression for video and web browsing sessions of popular applications traffic is fantastic and I use very long and max version is running even faster

Opera Max

. Opera Max has many features that will make install. This acts as a proxy server for android devices that can reduce bandwidth requirements but only as long as the data directed through servers owned by the work are accessible to application techniques for text image and video compression. The most pleasant thing is that Opera Max protects user privacy when viewing youtube videos but it is not a priority. As you can see I chose to talk about this search engine because I got tired of seeing people who complain that chrome and Mozilla is that locks all the time and do not correspond to the terms for smartphones they are for Windows operating systems. This search engine contains a program that is very stable and I always use it to see where my child is. Gps Phone Tracker program is called and is designed to locate various devices that are connected to the Internet and installed Opera as a search engine. Can I explain how this program. First you must have an account on Opera Mobile to have this program.

Then you must take another device on which to install the search engine. Opera Mobile will form a link between these two devices via a code. So I was able to see where is my son and I got rid of it carefully and it can occur for various hazards. To be safe Opera MAX promises to create special user even made a map of them who will not only connect to the net and gps.


We can say that this search engine is the most successful smartphone locks and no waiting time is very low. I can say that I tested the application and gps phone tracker  function especially to know for sure if it works. After a long two months I used function in the country and outside have concluded that this is not a fake. I even argued with friends that helped me to test and also were surprised when they saw that this function has no errors. I too was surprised when I saw that this function can send SOS signal if you are in danger. I have not tested whether the signal is automatically sent SOS but I do know that it takes just pressing one button.

To be activated just go to settings and complete data and the emergency number. Opera Turbo will be the next version which promises a much higher speed information searching and I can say that will likely exceed other search engines. Opera Turbo will have more features and one of them will be 3D GPS location update function that exists in Opera Max. Search Engine Opera is available on all operating systems including PC. It can be downloaded for free after the official site and operating systems iOS, Android and Windows Phone can be downloaded after application store available. Phone gps tracker function was tested by me for all operating systems and works smoothly. It is recommended to use Opera for those who have a problem with mobile internet and want to use as few MB.


Turcana Sheep

Specialized studies show that a family farm production becomes profitable if they grow at least four hundred sheep mothers. Wishing to help sheep breeders, schematically a constructive model for a sheep farm that can accommodate four hundred sheep Turcana.

When designing this farm was taken into account by a new modern design which provides human consumption of work as little comfort for sheep and work efficiency high, in compliance with the Growth and comfort in sheep in the European Union.moeciu-de-sus4

This type of project can be adapted for both sheep bred Ţurcană (more resistant to cold and in need of fresh air) and to skillet and Merino sheep. The difference is that the shelter sheep Turcan lambs has an opening at the front (towards the alley feeding), while stables for sheep mothers skillet and especially Merinos should be better insulated, so the wall facing the alley Feeding closes in winter with wood panels (OSB insulated) and feeding troughs of moving toward the wall near the paddock.